About Us - Panira Healthcare Clinic
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About Us

The Road Leading to Panira Healthcare Clinic

Panira Healthcare Clinic is a 501 (c) 3, not-for-profit, Walk-in/Primary Care Clinic located in East Naples, Florida. It has been operational since October 2015 and officially opened its doors in April 2016. Its medical services are spreading hope in the Communities within Collier County. Its founders have been treating patients for a combined of 39 years and now, they are actively providing charitable medical care to the community. Their lifelong goals and faith have led them to this non-profit walk-in/primary care clinic that provides treatment, care, and referrals. With meticulous planning, Panira Healthcare Clinic is staffed with qualified medical professionals and is uniquely positioned to see patients with or without insurance.


To maintain our low cost medical services and the Free Clinic, donors play a crucial role in keeping Panira Healthcare Clinic affordable and convenient. Medical care is expensive and the donations help offset treatment costs. Panira Healthcare Clinic is a community and faith-based clinic that targets the low-income, uninsured along with the insured, Medicaid and Medicare participants. Such a commitment requires a dedicated team of practitioners, volunteers, and donors. The goal is to reach those that can’t receive treatment due to financial burdens.


Obviously, monetary donations are greatly appreciated; but there are other ways to help. The more people that get involved, the more patients that can be reached and the lowest the medical cost will be. The eventual endgame is to offer care to even those with no income. As for now, the range of financial programs available, the Free Clinic as well as the diversity of age groups that are being treated at the clinic sets us apart from most other clinics. It dispels the “rich or poor” mentality and is a very welcome addition to the southwest Collier community. To get involved or donate, please visit our volunteer page for additional information.

Lawrence J. Egger, PA-C and Geneve Mongene-Egger, RN/BSN

Our Goals for 2022-2023 are:

  • Keep the medical services affordable and convenient for the uninsured, low-income and/or no income individuals and families.
  • Develop a trustworthy referral network of practitioners that are willing to help people that are beyond the clinic’s abilities.
  • Develop a “Volunteer Task Force” to support the clinic in its mission to deliver quality, compassionate and professional medical services.

We Need You in Our Mission